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LAFITE are the finest selection of materials. The detachment elaborate watch before the official launch, after a professional technician and worked rigorous testing and inspection.

       Just by good care and regular maintenance, LAFITE will faithfully accompany your life.

       While wearing LAFITE wrist feel comfortable so that you understand, but when you watch off when you place it in a dry, cool place. When you want to LAFITE timely clean, use a soft cloth or soft brush to remove dirt and fingerprints, if necessary, can also use a little soap.
       For more on the case, bezel or strap polishing professional conduct, please contact the service center.


       LAFITE movement structure complex and require professional maintenance. We will be in a professional manner for precision components within the watch carefully check if you need to replace damaged or worn parts. Watch for regular maintenance to ensure accuracy and extend the life of mechanical parts go. Please consult the relevant information LAFITE authorized dealer.

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